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Lehigh Valley Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine​


Maria S. - age 65 treated for neck pain

My physician recommended Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine Centre for pain relief. The results were amazing and better than expected, I left feeling happy and healthy.

Sheila G ​- age 65 treated for TMJ, knee and Elbow, sinus

My Chiropractor recommended Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine Centre. My problems were fixed, no more TMJ, my knee and elbow are near 100%. Their environment and attitude was upbeat. I recommend them to anyone. The  needles do not hurt and i leave there feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Rebecca O ​- age 67, treated for sciatica

I approached Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine Centre because i was in extreme pain. They helped me decrease the pain and i have more energy. They have a calm and understanding approach. I recommend Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine Centre if you are not getting help from your regular caregiver.

Virginia T  - age 53, treated for depression, nerve damage - after cancer support

Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine centre helped me treat and open up pathways so my body could heal. The result was energizing, helpful and comforting. The one thing i like was their knowledge of my problems and recommend them for body healing and giving your mind and body more energy to function better.

Jacqueline H. - age 61 treated for ankle/foot pain

I came to Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine Centre to explore an alternative for my pain relief. The results were immediate. I was pleased and my foot was relax and pain free. The Enviroment is professional, positive, friendly and very knowledgeable.


 Deb - sciatia

I Approached Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine Centre because nothing else worked, therapy and my chiropractor were unsuccessful. After 3 sessions here my sciatia  was better. The results were amazing. Their approach  was very comforting and relaxing. I highly recommend them from anyone healing from pain.

Sue S. - age 66,  treated for sciatic nerve pain

After my doctor's pain management and cortisone did not work, i approached Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine Centre. They made the pain in my leg and hip stop. At Christmas, i spent 2 weeks on the floor in pain and crying. After 2 or 3 sessions with Dr. Ming Ming, i felt like my old self again. I no longer cry all the time and i can walk normally and i am back to work. 

Tom - age 39, shoulder pain 

I was told Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine Centre was the best, after my visit there i can say they are the best. The results were awesome,  they took  care of my messed up shoulder. Everyone needs to know about this place.