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Drs. Ming ming and David Molony - There are few with more experience, knowledge or understanding regarding the uses of herbs and their interactions with foods, supplements, and drugs.

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Lehigh Valley Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine​

Chinese herbal medicine has a history of thousands of years duration. Both David and Ming ming have extensive training in the U.S. and China with over 20 years experience in their use.

Acupuncture, herbs, dietary consultation and other aspects of Oriental Medicine provide a balanced and complete healing system for health and regeneration, enhancing the outcome of Conventional care in most all disorders and injuries. We work with your physician in order to enhance your body’s ability to regain a complete recovery, many times after everything else has been tried with less than satisfactory results. Our focus is on building, balancing, de-stressing, and strengthening. Our results speak for themselves. We accept health insurance when it is covered, including all auto and workmen’s compensation injuries.

We provide pain-free treatment for smoking cessation, infertility and other female imbalances, allergies, ADHD, sinus, fatigue, non-surgical facelifts, post-surgical recovery and all types of pain syndromes.

Next door, Qi Spa offers excellent ways to compliment your acupuncture treatment or just indulge yourself to a beauty treatment that could enhance your health. We offer facials, manicures, pedicures, massage therapy,  body wraps and more!